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Essential Summer Tyre Care Tips

Summer brings road trips, holidays, and scenic drives across beautiful Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and occasionally across the water in GB and beyond. But with weather and temperatures varying throughout the summer months, it’s crucial to prioritise your tyres’ health. Hot weather significantly impacts tyre performance, so proper care is essential for a safe and enjoyable summer on the road.

Summer Tyre Care Tips:

  • Check Tyre Pressure Regularly: Regular tyre pressure checks are vital, but even more so during summer. Increased heat and friction can lead to over-inflation and potential blowouts. Conversely, high temperatures can cause valve leakage and under-inflation, compromising braking and traction. Aim for the recommended tyre pressure as specified in your car’s manual.
  • Monitor Tread Depth: Proper tread depth is a legal requirement (1.6mm minimum) and a safety priority. However, experts recommend replacing tyres at 3mm, especially for summer driving. Heat combined with rough roads accelerates tread wear, impacting stopping distances and cornering ability.
  • Balance and Align Tyres: Balanced and aligned tyres ensure optimal performance, even more crucial during summer when you might be driving more frequently. Misaligned tyres cause uneven tread wear, requiring frequent replacements and increasing maintenance costs. Schedule a tyre balancing and alignment service if you anticipate increased summer driving.
  • Regularly Inspect Tyre Condition: High temperatures can damage both internal and external tyre components. Regularly inspect your tyres, paying close attention to the sidewalls, which are more susceptible to damage in hot weather as the rubber softens. Avoid unnecessary wear and tear by parking away from curbs, posts, or walls.

By following these essential summer tyre care tips, you can maintain optimal tyre performance, ensuring safe and enjoyable journeys throughout the season.

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Remember: Consistent tyre maintenance throughout summer prevents potential road trip hassles and keeps you safe.

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