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Motorbike Tyres Downpatrick

Top Tyre Tips For Motorbikes

The snow is gone (we hope!), spring is in the air, blow away the winter blues, get out on the road, the motorbike season is now here! Some seasoned bikers have been on two wheels all winter, but most of us are only now dusting down the leathers and getting out on the open road.

There are exciting new tyres and treads available this season enhancing performance and mobility. I’m constantly checking out what the Big Brand names are bringing out this season.

The Michelin Total Performance range offers safety, pleasure and longevity from track to road, with cutting edge technologies . Indeed the Michelin brand was again awarded the prestigious 2012 “MOTORRAD Best Brand” prize for the third year running. Michelin’s aim is to produce tyres whose performance delivers grip, consistency and versatility without compromise. I would certainly endorse these achievements. Let me know what your experience has been with these tyres.

The new 2CT generation offers harder rubber underneath the softer rubber on the shoulders giving better rigidity at lean, for more stability when cornering, especially under strong acceleration.

The Michelin 2CT dual compound technology successfully accomplishes two conflicting ideals: wear resistance in the centre of the tread and grip on the shoulders.

Metzeler has brought out the new Tourance NEXT. This is the Enduro street tyre that “dares you to challenge any weather condition and any road”. The latest generation of Enduro Street tyres features new compounds, profiles, structure and tread pattern for unmatched levels of stability, safety on wet and mileage.

Pirelli has brought out their AngelGT, ideal for travellers using the bike for long road trips, with side bags and passengers, looking for safety on wet, stability and mileage, bringing the “sporty attitude” to a wider range of usage conditions and for longer distances.

I’d love to hear your highs (and hopefully not too many lows) of motorbike tyres, every story gives a bigger and better picture of what’s hot and what’s not. Get in touch, or call in at the Dromore Depot. My colleagues and friends will tell you, I love talking tyres! Feel free to give me a call to chat about your specific motorbike tyre requirements. It’s essential to get the right tyres when there are only two of them between you and the hard ground. Meanwhile, enjoy the thrill of the road and be safe.

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