Wheel Alignment – Why Bother?

We are all keen to spend as little as possible on our new tyres, but skimping on the “extras” can be a false economy.  So is wheel alignment an extra
that can maximise the value of your spend?

Without a doubt the answer is yes!

There are at least four great reasons to avail of this little extra:

  • It helps ensure even tyre tread so prolonging the life of your tyre
  • It reduces uneven wear on car parts so helping to reduce expensive repairs
  • It improves vehicle handling
  • (Best of all) it maximises fuel consumption

What is wheel alignment?

It is an adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension parts to be fully aligned as per the manufacturer’s specification.  In A One Tyres we do this using
a computer system to ensure the alignment is an accurate as possible.

When should I get wheels aligned?

You know you need your wheels aligned when the car pulls to one side or the other when travelling in a straight road.  Hitting a pot-hole or kerb
can knock out your wheel alignment.  And you should always get your wheels aligned when you make a new tyre purchase.  In A One Tyres we
recommend you get your wheels aligned at least once a year, whether you have made a new tyre purchase or not.

Does this not come as standard when purchasing tyres?

Wheel alignment is not standard with your tyre purchase.  Once you have the information on why you should take the time and expense with wheel alignment,
you decide if you want to make this purchase.  Our reception staff will be glad to help with any further information.

However, balancing your tyres does come as standard.   Wheel balancing is a different operation which ensures smooth running of your tyres without

How long will wheel alignment take?

It usually takes about 30 minutes to carry out wheel alignment.  You can enjoy a free cup of coffee while you wait.  In the long run it is well
worth the extra expense.

For further information feel free to give us a call on 028 9269 9107, or simply call into our Dromore or Lisburn depot (tel 028 9266 7551).

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