Winter Tyres Anyone?

As the weather in Northern Ireland turns a little more chilly in the mornings and the days get noticeably shorter, our minds turn to those sharp frosts, icy rain showers and possible snow showers in the coming months.

You may have all weather tyres on your vehicle which will undoubtedly see you through those cold commutes, but in the event of icy roads or snowy conditions winter tyres may mean the difference between an accident or not.  When compared with the stopping distance of a summer or all-weather tyre, the braking distance of a winter tyre (dependent on the speed of the car and the condition of the road) is up to 10% shorter – that is around two vehicle lengths.

In the early years of winter tyre development winter tyres tended to be more expensive than the equivalent summer or all-season tyres. This is no longer the case. The cost of winter tyres is comparable to other tyres, and with the added grip in cold and icy conditions, they may well save you more than the cost of the tyres themselves.

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